Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Clothing and Accessories All Items Under $50!

Here are some unique and affordable pieces that I have gathered from one of my favourite online clothing stores Romwe.

Mental Pointed Collar Black Shirt
Metal Pointed Collar Black Shirt $40.99 USD 

?Metal Point Lapel Green Chiffon Shirt
Metal Point Lapel Green Chiffon Shirt $25.99 USD

Flowers & Leaves White Pants
Flowers & Leaves White Pants $35.33 USD

Royal Blue Full Pattern Leggings
Royal Blue Full Pattern Leggings $28.99 USD 

Distressed Riveted Light-blue Shorts
Distressed Riveted Light-blue Shorts $36.99 USD
Rolled Cuffs Floral Shorts
Rolled Cuffs Floral Shorts $30.69 USD 

Mysterious Night Bodycon Dress
Mysterious Night Bodycon Dress $41.99 USD

Sheer Sleeved Floral Dress
Sheer Sleeved Floral Dress $41.99 USD 

Studed Black Shoulder Bag
Studded Shoulder Bag $37.99 USD

Black Half-band Sunglasses
Half-band Sunglasses $17.50 USD

Rounded Black Sunglasses
Rounded Sunglasses $25.99 USD

Galaxy Print Scarf
Galaxy Print Scarf $15.59 USD 

Pyramid charm-curb chain Bracelet
Pyramid charm-curb chain Bracelet $11.99 USD

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