Thursday, October 24, 2013


On my birthday I had dinner with a few friends at the Drake Hotel in downtown Toronto which is something that I've wanted to do for awhile. It was also a dinner to celebrate a birthday for a friend that had a birthday earlier on in the week. The place was very nice and the music they played added to the relaxed atmosphere, we had our meal at the sky yard tunnel.
Sky Yard Tunnel
I ordered the mushroom gnocchi which tasted amazing, if you're ever in downtown Toronto and like mushrooms you should definitely try it out. I was feeling under the weather, so I wasn't able to finish my meal. I ended up leaving early with John. I also forget to take pictures of the food until I was ready to leave oops. 

Tastes better than it looks

The whole event was harder to set up than I would like to admit but, in the end it all worked out. Since the Drake is in a part of the city that I haven't explored yet, I was very grateful that I met up with John and went down there with him and my other friend. Or else I would've gotten lost for sure. John also gave me a beautiful bracelet fit for a princess on my birthday. 

 I bought John two pairs of dress shirts for his birthday. I figured I would get him something that he would use regularly, that's also different from the stuff he already owns. I also guessed his size and got it right so I was very pleased with that. Johns birthday didn't go smoothly at all I ended up not going to his party because of a major telecommunication issue (the cellphone towers stopped working), I ended up having dinner elsewhere and going home. I gave him his gift later on this month. He liked the gift and said that I gave him the most useful one this year.

What did you do or have planned for your birthday this year?

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