Friday, July 26, 2013

New Job Follow Up

My last post was about the process I went through to get my job at Value Village. Here is my follow up post, my first official day of work was today, I basically just organized the sales floor for most of my shift. I did have to chance to help a few customers look at jewelry which was the most exciting part of my shift besides break. The most tedious part of the job is making sure the clothing racks are in order because there are three managers on at the same time and they all have a different way of doing things. So I was very confused. By the end of my shift I was just so relieved to be on the bus heading home. My feet are hurting so bad from standing 90% of the time. My first day coming in to work was this wednesday but I won't count that as my first day, because I was just watching training videos and doing quizzes for most of the time which took five hours to finish, and I had to stay back later and organize the sales floor. A major positive of this job is that it motivates me to aggressively look for another one. As I am writing this I am in bed waiting for my food to digest so I can sleep, I'm so sure that this whole post seems a bit like an incoherent rant, but I just figured that I better right it now. 

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