Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Will Trap Be The New Dubstep?

  I've been listening to dubstep since late 2009 when it was fairly underground to North Americans, and kept listening throughout it's rise to popularity. I first discovered the genre from listening to Zomby, while his music is not considered dubstep, I somehow found out about it through him and from there I discovered artists such as; Skream, Caspa, Benga, & Burial. The genre gained noticeable fame throughout North America in late 2010 however, the sound had evolved into something that sounded nothing like the stuff I had been listening to earlier on. Especially Skrillex's music which pretty much just sounds like one big computer malfunction. Since then the genre seems to be less popular than it was before, and I think a new genre will take it's place in the foreground of popular culture. I am predicting that genre to be trap, it has the same bass heavy qualities, but the tempo structure is completely different. Even though dubstep is declining in popularity I will keep listening to it. Below are a few tracks from both genres, you can compare the two genres for yourself.

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