Tuesday, July 23, 2013

New Job

For the past few months since I have been looking for a summer job, summer's pretty much over but luckily I got something to do. I applied to Value Village online about two months ago and forgot about it. Then three weeks ago I got a call about my application, and was invited to a group interview. The group interview was pretty uncomfortable for me since; I didn't know what to expect and being around other nervous people, just makes things worse. However interviewers liked me and gave me a date for a second interview. Which was a one on one, it went fairly smoothly and I was much more at ease. The interviewer seemed pretty pleased with the way I handled myself, when he told me to make a hippy costume in 10 minutes. I apparently made the best costume he'd seen all day. He told me that I would find out within two weeks if I got the position or not. Unfortunately there was a big mix up with my references and I thought, I wouldn't get the job. However in the end after that was ironed out and a third interview with the district manager I was offered the job a day later. Last friday I attended the orientation which was just standard company policy review, paperwork, tours, and basic information. I start my first official day tomorrow as a sales clerk. The only thing I am on edge about is working the cash register. I am severely horrible at math and I am pretty sure I will be super slow at counting change. I guess I will just have to see how it goes since I won't be on cash for a week or so. Hopefully their cash registers are super easy to use. Also out of all the people that were interviewed which was about two groups of eight. Only three people showed up to the orientation, I'm not sure if I should feel good, or worried.

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